Sea Data Center: Opportunities and challenges in the Altantic Cod markets – Strategic outlook with Seafood Data Analytics and Price Forecasting

2020 has become the year of major changes, challenging our strategy, profitability and business models. The shifting cod market requires rethinking of product portfolios, shaking established truths and value chains. In the midst of this uncertainty, forecasting and data quality are crucial factors to stabilize your company and ensure further growth. Join us for the next webinar from Sea Data Center on October 1st at 9 am EDT / 1pm GMT / 3 pm CEST to learn how seafood analytics can strengthen your competitive edge through valuable decision support.


Cliff White, Executive Editor at SeafoodSource  
White will give opening remarks and direct questions from participants.


Finn Arne Egeness, Senior Whitefish Analyst, Nordea
Egeness will give you a presentation on Atlantic Cod supply, focusing on the North Atlantic catch and quota development for the past 5 years. Furthermore, he will also speculate on supply future developments during the next 3 years.

Kristján Hjaltason, Senior Sefood Trade Manager, Norebo
Hjaltason will talk about market development, the demand for Atlantic cod, how the markets have been developing for the past 5 years, and disposition of the catch and  product and market development and speculate about future trends.

Oddvar Husby, Director Analytics, Maritech
Husby is a mathematician with over 20 years of experience in data analysis and predictions for the oil industry in Norway. He will talk about the development of Atlantic Cod Prices looking one year forward and discuss how strategy and data driven decision making will reduce risk and give a better predictability in an industry full of uncertainties.


okt 01 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Online - Link TBA

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