Dattaca Labs, the Fintech Cluster, the Directorate of Health, Arion Bank and the Innovation Week have joined forces and will represent the Hackathon of the Innovation Week 2020.

Hackathons are all about problems and solutions. Companies and organizations present challenges and participants work to solve them in teams. Hacking is thus a mixture of programming and business development competition. They are an especially interesting way to get outsiders to the table and many corporate hackers as a platform for finding talented individuals.





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Enterprises and organizations involved will present interesting and exciting challenges. Information and data will also be made available in a timely manner so that the teams can prepare well and work on the best solution when the weekend comes.


Who would not be happy to collaborate with the owners of the challenge with the aim of introducing the solution into the person’s activities or even with the aim of putting it on the market.

In addition, all winners will receive a ticket to the Startup Iceland conference.

For whom is a Hackathon?

Everyone can participate, it is equally important to get designers, nurses, economists, engineers and all the educated as well as uneducated. All ages, genders and abilities are welcome. You can come as an individual and we help you get in or form a team or you can come as an already team. 

Rules and regulations



1. Fresh code
We all start working at the same time. You can work on design, framing and everything that is generally accessible to everyone in the preparation for the weekend.

2. Inspection code
The top team may need to undergo an inspection on code before or after the award ceremony. This is to ensure that all code that is written is written locally over the weekend.

3. Intellectual property rights
What you create is yours, very simple. 

4. Team size 
2-5 people.

5. Submission of tasks 
Be introduced to participants at the start of the competition.

6. Presentation for the judges panel
The top team will have the opportunity to present their solution to the jury. You will have 3 minutes to present the solution and the judges will have 2 minutes to ask you the question.

7. Code of conduct 
All the animals in the forest should be friends. Code of ethics.


The premises of the judges

1. Fundability

How likely is this solution to be funded? For example, is there a possibility for a sustainable business model?

2. Execution

How successful was it in implementing the solution and explaining it? Did the show work?

3. UI/UX

Outside of the look was the user experience thought?

4. Creativity

How original is the idea?

5. Scalability

How scalable is the solution? Does she have what it takes to make an impact?




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